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    Ohana SK Soprano Ukulele Kit


    Soprano Ukulele DIY Kit

    With the new Ohana DIY Kits you can personalize your ukulele in any number of ways. Transform them with exciting colors and finishes. Get a uke that is designed by YOU.

    The SK-Kit was made for those who are looking to push the boundaries of creativity and personal expression. It invites exploration to create a ukulele that is as distinctive as you are. The SK-Kit comes with an unfinished soprano ukulele that is partially assembled, providing you with a perfect base to create a model that matches your personality. Also available in the concert and tenor scales

    Each Kit includes:

    4 tuners (2L + 2R)
    1 bridge
    1 saddle
    1 nut
    1 bridge decoration
    4 bushings
    3 black screws (for bridge)
    8 silver wood screws

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