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Featured links

  • The Institute of Seattle offers Suzuki Method instruction in violin, cello, and piano, as well a “Sing & Play” introductory music class for pre-school-aged children. Our website includes a wide variety of resources for parents seeking information about music instruction for children.
  • Cyberjaz(tm) Rare and hard-To-Find Recordings & Music
  • America Sings! A non-profit organization founded by renowned choreographer and teacher John Jacobson, who serves as its volunteer president.


Music Associations and Organizations

Web Sites for Other Music Education Organizations:

  • American Music Conference. Internet site for this national organization dedicated to the promotion of music for the general public. “Dedicated to the promotion of music, music making and music education to the general public for half a century”. Americans for the Arts. A national arts advocacy site
  • American Orff-Schulwerk Association. The American Orff-Schulwerk Association is a professional organization of music and movement educators dedicated to the creative teaching approach
    developed by Carl Orff and Gunild Keetman
  • Arizona State Music Teachers Association (ASMTA) home page
  • Arts Education Parterships. State and local arts education partnerships across the United States, including Champions of Change after school programs
  • ArtsVision. A website about nation-wide education planning, design, and implementation of arts education programs
  • Association for the Advancement of Arts Education. Ohio-based advocacy group for arts in the public schools
  • California Alliance for Arts Education. CAAE, a member of the Kennedy Center Alliance for Arts Education Network, advances education in the arts from the pre-school through post-secondary levels
  • California Department of Education. Website for the California governmental agency in charge of educational standards and teacher credential
  • Canadian Music Educators’ Association. Organization promoting the development, delivery, and teaching of quality music education programs throughout Canada
  • International Association of Jazz Educators. Main educational organization promoting jazz and jazz instruction in schools
  • Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation. An organization dedicated to promoting instrumental music nationwide by partnering with businesses, schools, and communities to provide new and refurbished musical instruments to qualified schools and individual students
  • Music Publishers Association. MPA addresses itself to issues pertaining to every area of music publishing for the advancement of standard, contemporary, and educational music
  • Music Teachers National Association (MTNA). MTNA is a nonprofit organization of 24,000 independent and collegiate music teachers committed to furthering the art of music through programs that encourage and support teaching, performance, composition and scholarly research
  • National Association of Music Merchants. NAMM’s missions are to unify lead, and strengthen the global music products industry and support music education. They have a Museum of Making Music whose goals are to preserve the history of the music products industry, maintain a research library and archives, and pilot music education programs
  • National Band Association. The largest band organization in the world was organized for the purpose of promoting the musical and educational significance of bands and is dedicated to the attainment of a high level of excellence for bands and band music. (for additional band organizations see the band links area)
  • National Endowment for the Arts. The NEA serves the public good by nurturing the expression of human creativity, supporting the cultivation of community spirit, and fostering the recognition and appreciation of the excellence and diversity of our nation’s artistic accomplishments
  • The National Foundation for Advancement in the Arts. Its mission is to identify emerging artists and assist them at critical junctures in their educational and professional developments, and to raise appreciation for, and support of, the arts in American society
  • Organization of American Kodály Educators. OAKE’s purpose is to promote Kodály’s concept of “Music for Everyone” through the improvement of music education in schools
  • President’s Committee on the Arts and Humanities

Publishers, Instrument and Software Manufacturers

Information Resources for Musicians

K-12 Resources

Music Research Links:

  • Center for Music Research. Florida State University research site related to the central goal of bringing the best available technology and research to music as an art form, as an educational discipline, as a reveler of the workings of the human mind, and dedicated to the premise that music deserves the finest scientific inquiry that modern technology is able to support..
  • College and University Homepages. A complete listing of over 3,000 college and university homepages with links to other sources
  • Consortium of National Arts Education Associations. The Statement of Principles for the Value and Quality of Arts Education
  • Courses of Study in Sound and Music. A listing of colleges and universities with sound and music programs
  • Fulbright Teacher and Administrator Exchange. Country specific information and application for the Fulbright Teacher and Administrator Exchange Programs
  • Getty Center for the Arts. Online services supporting arts education from the Getty Education Institute for the Arts (ArtsEdNet). Topics covered range from the practical to the philosophical
  • Goals 2000 Arts Education Partnership. The Arts Education Partnership (formerly the Goals 2000 Arts Education Partnership) is a private, nonprofit coalition of education,arts, business, philanthropic, and government organizations that demonstrates and promotes the essential role of arts education in enabling all students to succeed in school, life, and work
  • Harmony Central. Internet resource for musicians. Departments include Guitar, Bass, Effects, Software, Recording, MIDI, Keyboards and Synths, Drums and Percussion, Computers and Music, and the Bands Page
  • Humanities and Arts Pages. Links to Library of Congress and NEH-NEA online collections
  • Music and Brain Information Database (MBI). Access to research on the cognitive effects of music
  • Music Education Directory. Commercial internet directory with music education page
  • A website sponsored by Guitar Center. Features include musicians search, events and promotions, musicians spotlight, cool music links, chats and interviews, and fun and games
  • Music Matters. A site about the philosphy of music education taught by Professor David Elliott of the University of Toronto
  • Music Net. An internet site dedicated to the spread of Music Education and featuring an interactive Music Education encyclopedia, tips from inside the music profession, and exciting contests and games
  • Music Pages. This site contains resources for the study, composition, and the enjoyment of music. The resources contained herein are geared more toward the technical and compositional side of music
  • Music Resources on the Internet. An extensive collection of free music graphics and annotated links to music information, resources, graphics, newsgroups, discussion lists, organizations, publications, with an emphasis is on classical and jazz genres
  • Musical Resources On The WWW. Short selection of web sites that may be of interest to you whether you are casually interested in music or are a working music professional
  • Music Search. MusicSearch is a music-only search site
  • The Music Teachers List. A database of music teachers and organizations
  • NARAS Grammys In The Schools. Grammy’s in the schools website sponsored by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences
  • Nerd World: Music Site Map. Comprehensive links to many styles of popular and serious music throughout the world. Excellent resource for locating musical groups
  • The New Grove Dictionaries Website. The New Grove Dictionaries belong to a family of world-renowned reference titles covering every aspect of music. Titles include the Dictionaries of Music and Musicians, American Music, Musical Instruments, Opera, Jazz, and Popular Music
  • The New York Public Library Digital Library Collections. Includes the Rogers and Hammerstein Recorded Sound archives which include the Claflin (Avery) Collection, Cowell (Henry) Collection, Finney (Ross Lee) Collection, Ito (Teiji) Collection, Labunski (Felix) Collection, McGuire (Mitch) Collection, Schillinger (Joseph) Collection, Schuman (William) Collection
  • Perception SRIG. MENC Perception and Cognition Special Research Interest Group home page
  • President’s Committee on Arts and Humanities. Gaining the Arts Advantage. A website devoted to the results of a study of school districts that value arts education
  • Research Studies in Music Education (RSME) . An online refereed journal fostering music education research internationally, from the University of Utah Department of Music, Faculty of Arts
  • Sibelius Academy Music Resources. Links to Music Catalogues, Church Music, Composing, Computer Music, MIDI, Early Music, Finnish Music, Folk Music and World Music, Instruments, Jazz and Blues, Music Magazines, Music and Arts Education, Music Libraries and Archives, Music Schools and Departments (38 countries), Music Theory and Research, Opera, Orchestras, Rock and Pop, and Other Interesting Links
  • Worldwide Internet Music Resources. This music resource list is offered as a service of the William and Gayle Cook Music Library, Indiana University
  • Yahoo’s Top Music Education Sites. Categories include rock-popular music daily news, reviews, charts, artist and album information, music camps, companies, courses and lessons, ear training, festivals, guitar, journals, organizations, saxophone, schools, Suzuki method, teaching, and web directories

Music Technology Links

  • Association for Technology in Music Instruction. ATMI serves as a forum for the scholarly presentation of technical information by and for specialists in the field of computer-assisted instruction in music and disseminates information to an audience of nonspecialists who are users of music CAI
  • Computers & Music (Retail). Computers & Music, a retail store based in San Francisco, has been on the cutting edge of computer music since before the inception of MIDI in 1982. The site has information and support about MIDI and digital audio systems for home and professional use and software and hardware
  • Ray Dretske’s Site. Features include Test Your Musical Knowledge Quiz, Music Technology Quiz, Tunes, Song Tracks, Music Technology Terms, Information for Teachers, and Mediastreet CD-ROM
  • Electronic Music. This is a collection of music resource links on the WWW related to electronic, experimental, and computer music. Topics include software and hardware for electronic music, MIDI, sound files, commercial sites, mailing lists related to sound, and many others
  • Electronic Musician. On-line version of the magazine. EM is an excellent resource for musicians interested in personal music production. (Note: Music educators can receive a free subscription.)
  • Harmony Central. Internet resource for musicians. Departments include Guitar, Bass, Effects, Software, Recording, MIDI, Keyboards and Synths, Drums and Percussion, Computers and Music, and the Bands Page
  • Kelly’s Music & Computers. Canadian website with information about music technology use for educators and software and hardware sales
  • Keyboard Magazine Home Page. On-line version of the magazine. Besides articles on areas of keyboard performance, there are reviews of hardware and software products.
  • MIDI Farm. Contains The Field, links to all MIDI and Digital Audio sites pages on the net. Press Releases on the latest products, The Farmer’s Almanac, new features & files to updates and calender events, and The Library, where else can you find email addresses and how to contact people involved in MIDI
  • MIDI Home Page. The MIDI Manufacturers Association is the original source for information on Musical Instrument Digital Interface technology. MMA publications include the Official MIDI Specification (which includes General MIDI, Standard MIDI Files, and more), and the Downloadable Sounds Level 1 Specification for better control of MIDI music reproduction
  • Don Muro Homepage This site has information on the Don Muro Summer Institute, articles, and other publications about music technology.

Music software companies

Music Theory Links:

  • Ear Training. Eartraining is a shareware program for Apple Macintosh. It features intervals, chords,
    scales, perfect pitch, sound output via the Mac or MIDI, and individual statistics
  • MuSICA – The Music and Science Information Computer Archive. MuSICA Research Notes is a newsletter issued Winter, Spring and Fall, that provides reports and critical analysis of research on music and behavior, including education, child development, psychology, cognitive sciences, neuroscience, clinical medicine, music therapy and allied fields
  • Music Theory Online. MTO is the electronic journal of the Society for Music Theory. MTO is published six times a year. Each issue includes a target article, book reviews, and reports from a distinguished panel of international correspondents
  • Music Theory Reference.. An online version of the music theory help that is built in to the MiBAC MUSIC LESSONS software program. The software provides extensive and flexible study of note reading, the circle of fifths, key signatures, major/minor scales, modes, jazz scales, scale degrees, intervals, and note/rest durations
  • Practical Music Theory.. In English and Spanish. Promotes teoria — music theory and ear-training software. Also contains books and articles about music theory, interactive music theory exercises, and music theory questions to test your music theory skills
  • Resources for Music Theory Instruction. Links categories include miscellaneous Internet resources, software, journals, and organizations
  • Solomon’s Music Theory & Composition Resources.. Contains many personal contributions by Larry Solomon, plus articles and links on John Cage, sound files, music theory, research, composers, compositional resources, music instruction and education
  • The Tonal Centre. The Tonal Centre is an interactive site for music composers and theorists which explains and demonstrates some of the key concepts of tonality; including chords, scales, cadences, and modulation. Most of the musicalexamples are illustrated with a MIDI file

Links for Conductors

  • Carnegie Hall. Take a virtual tour of the hall, check out the concert schedule, learn about its history, or visit the gift shop
  • The Center for the Promotion of Contemporary Composers. The Internet’s largest informational resource for composers and performers of contemporary art music
  • The Conductors Guild. A music service organization devoted exclusively to the advancement of the art of conducting and to serving the artistic and professional needs of conductors. The Guild is international in scope, with a membership of over 1,800 individual and institutional members
  • Ensemble. Band, Choir, and Orchestral Directors/Leaders page
  • Andrew Levin’s Conductors Home Page. Web page of the conductor of the Clemson University Orchestra. Includes links to conducting resources, bloopers from student papers, jokes, etc
  • Performing Arts Library. Archives and files of the University of Maryland collection

Brass Instrument Links:

  • Horn Players FAQS. A collection of commonly-asked questions about the French Horn maintained by Ron Boerger
  • Instrument Pages. Brass website maintained by David J. Brinkman, Assistant Professor, Department of Music, University of Wyoming, Laramie
  • International Trombone Association. Dedicated to the advancement of trombone teaching, performance and literature
  • The Trombone Page. Contains addresses of music and instrument companies, employment information, ensembles with trombones, equipment specifications, trombone related links, professional trombonists with web pages, a trombone bibliography, trombone news and a photo gallery
  • Trumpet Player’s International Network.. The TPIN is a virtual meeting place for trumpet players of all ages and experience levels from all over the world housed at Dana College, a small liberal arts college near Omaha, Nebraska
  • Tubists Universal Brotherhood. TUBAonline is a wealth of resources, links, friends and colleagues for tuba and euphonium players

Woodwind Instrument Links:

  • Clarinet Music. Clarinet music in the public domain
  • The Flute Emporium. A commercial site dedicated to flute gifts or accessories, including apparel, paper goods, jewelry, sheet music, and CDs
  • The Flute Network. The Flute Network is a non-profit educational corporation which is now in its 15th year of serving flutists, flute teachers, and the people who love them. This web site is designed to augment the print publication of The Flute Network
  • Flute World. The largest supplier of flute music, flutes and piccolos for both professional and student use
  • Huub’s Oboe Page. Information and links about the oboe
  • International Double Reed Society. A world-wide organization of oboe and bassoon players, instrument
    manufacturers and enthusiasts. Their website contains areas with information about double reed publications, MIDI, conference and membership information and directory, the IDRS Archives, links, OnLine email services, Gillet-Fox competitions, and fingerings
  • International Sax Home Page. Saxophonists web site contains reviews of what other saxophonists are doing, articles about the saxophone, news from the saxophone world and beyond, interviews, general information, history and statistics, links, and access to the FTP site to download pictures, sounds and MIDI files
  • International Clarinet Association. A site about the artistry, technique, teaching and physics of the clarinet and the activities of the ICA

Stringed Instrument Links:

  • American Federation of Violin & Bow Makers. Website for a federation of over one hundred of the finest makers, dealers, and restorers in the United States Canada, and France
  • American String Teachers Association. The American String Teachers Association with the National School Orchestra Association promotes excellence in string and orchestra teaching and playing
  • American String Teachers Association of California. Website for the California branch of the ASTA and NSOA
  • Crossroads A site about learning how to play guitar using steaming videos, sound clips, tablature, live on-line lessons and other teaching tools
  • Guitar Base. The only online community for vintage guitar enthusiasts
  • Guitar Net. A commercial site, featuring the chord of the week, guitar theory and technique, and links
  • The Harp Page. Large comprehensive set of links for and about harp players
  • Internet Cello Society. An international cyber-community of cellists seeking to advance the knowledge and joy of cello playing around the world
  • Jazz Guitar Online. Internet publication for the jazz guitarist
  • Jazzstrings Homepage. Website about jazz string players past and present, with an emphasis on violinists. Contains player lists, ensembles, and discographies
  • Henry Strobel, Violin Maker & Publisher. Henry Strobel’s professional manuals on violins, violin making,
    and repair are used in violin shops and schools worldwide
  • The Viola da Gamba Society of America. Website for the society of players, builders, publishers, distributors, restorers and others sharing a serious interest in music for viols and other early bowed string instruments
  • The Viola Web Site. Links to various viola sites and a forum for violists to discuss, work together and inform each other of their viola-related activities, such as upcoming events, plans for the next viola congress, and the development of new chapters
  • Violink – The World of Violins. Contains links to more than 3,300 searchable resources related to stringed instruments all over the world
  • Violin Making and Care. Site for violin maker Hans Johannsson includes samples of sound and pictures of his instruments, a sequential description of the construction of a violin from A-Z, entries on wood, varnish, glue, tools, design/proportion and instrument care

Percussion Instruments and Piano Links:

  • The Drum and Percussion Page. Older site that hasn’t been updated for a long time
  • Percussion Music by Murray Houllif. Listing of percussion music with descriptions and publisher links
  • Percussive Arts Society. Educational organization promoting drums and percussion through a viable network of performers, teachers, students, enthusiasts and sustaining members. PAS accomplishes its goals through publications, a worldwide network of chapters, the World Percussion Network, the PAS Museum and annual conventions
  • The Piano Education Page. A resource for teachers, students, parents of students, and fans of the piano with over 500 pages of free information, including tips on learning to play the piano, choosing a piano teacher, reviews of music software and other learning materials, 600 links to other piano or music-related areas of the Internet, upcoming competitions, interviews with noteworthy artists and educators, a special page for kids about famous composers, audio files of over 500 pieces of solo piano music, a special page of tips and ideas for piano teachers, and a searchable database of information
  • The Piano Page. Website sponsored by the Piano Technicians Guild includes Guild information, technical information, information about the piano industry and buying a piano, piano images, a virtual piano museum, mailing lists and news groups, music resources, and Internet links
  • PianoNet. Piano website sponsored by the National Piano Foundation and the Piano Manufacturers Association International features all kinds of information and publications about the piano

Music History and Literature Links:

  • American Musicological Society. Website that promotes their goal of “research in the various fields of music as a branch of learning and scholarship.”
  • America;s Shrine to Music Museum. Collections of musical instruments at the University of South Dakota
  • J.S. Bach Home Page. Includes a biography, portraits and literature, a listing of Bach’s complete works by BWV number, category, instrument, key, title, year, and sources, recommended recordings, the Cantatas Project, links to web sites with Bach information and Bach MIDI files
  • Blue Flame Café. An interactive biographical encyclopedia with excellent historical information about the great blues singers and singers of the blues, from Charley Patton to Stevie Ray Vaughan
  • BMG Classics World. Website for recording labels dedicated to classical, jazz, world, Broadway, soundtracks and crossover music. BMG Classics is dedicated to quality and diversity, recording a broad range of projects from groundbreaking new music to popular hits
  • Classical Composer Biographies. Short biographies from Bach to Vivaldi
  • Classical Composers Information Archive. Huge database of composers from over 30 nations and from the Renaissance on
  • Classical Insights. Website for WQXR, a classical radio station in New York
  • Classical Is Cool. Commercial website devoted to Classical recordings
  • Classical MIDI Archives Web Site. Sequences of Classical and Romantic Music in MIDI Format from 603 Composers
  • The Classical Music Pages. This web site covers the history of classical music, biographical information about composers (with portraits and short sound examples), explanations of the various musical forms and a dictionary of musical terminologies. It is designed to be of use for everyone from “beginners” to the music professional
  • Classical Music Ring. The Classical Music Web Ring is a chain of many hundreds of classical music web sites. You can jump from site to site, choose a random site or view a list of all the member sites
  • The Classical Music Navigator: This site is directed primarily toward music educators and student and/or novice listeners to classical music, and features a structure facilitating the identification and linking of composers and their works, styles, and influences
  • Classical Net. Classical music resources including composer and CD information, a standard repertoire list, reviews of recordings, and links. Classical Net provides a point-of-entry into a wide array of informational files about classical music – over 4200 files at Classical Net and over 2500 links to other classical music web sites
  • International Committee of Musical Instrument Museums and Collections. Website of an organization dedicated to the promotion of music museums
  • An Introduction to Classical Music. A brief history of Classical Music with discussion of forms, genres, musical instruments, and repertoire sponsored by the Naxos Record Company
  • Music History 102, A Guide to Western Composers and Their Music from the Middle Ages to the Present. As is usual with information on the history of Western music, this site has been organized according to the eras of history and examples are presented as RealAudio files
  • Smithsonian Institute’s Folkways Recordings. A valuable resource for ethnic music including blues, bluegrass, world music, Native American and American folk music
  • WWW Sites of Interest to Musicologists. From the AMS website
  • WWW Virtual Music Library. The classical music department of the WWW Virtual Library. The library is divided into seven sections, each with its own catalog of links.

Other Internet Links…

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